Monday, 8 August 2011

Australian Rules Football

The more the AFL say the more I wonder whether Australian Rules Football is actually a showbiz event rather than a sporting competition.
The latest being their concern about the two best teams in the competition - Collingwood & Geelong - handed out a pasting to the two worst teams - Port Adelaide and Gold Coast. The AFL seem to be concerned that the competition isn't as fair as it should be, which in the their opinion, could effect TV ratings and the philosophy of each team winning the league every few years.
In short, I'm afraid that sport, like life, isn't fair. There will always be stronger teams, weaker teams, rebulding teams, etc. There will always be winners and loosers, sometimes games will be lost by a point, others the margin will be huge. Sometimes, there will be a draw. Sport reflects life - it's not fair, it's unpredictable, hard work and effort is more often than not, rewarded.

The AFL (the sports governing body) should only be concerned about the rules of the game. Period. Why penalise clubs who are well run, well coached, well respected and ultimately, successful? Why reward clubs who don't have the calibre of coaches, players, directors, etc?

It's a joke. I can't think of any other sport where the governing body steps in to help out those weaker clubs.

It's a shame because as a sport AFL is actually very good, but could be ruined by the administrators.